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Senbwl Instagram Giveaway Rules and Instructions

Senbwl is thrilled to announce our latest giveaway! Here’s your chance to win a free athletic T-shirt from our latest collection. Follow the steps below to participate and get ready to show off your new gear!

How to Enter

  1. Like this Post ❤️: Show your support by liking this giveaway post.
  2. Follow Us @Senbwl_official 😘: Ensure you’re following our official Instagram account.
  3. Tag Friends 📣: Tag three of your friends in the comments below.

Prize Redemption

Congratulations to our lucky winners! Once selected, here’s how to claim your prize:

  1. Stay Followed: Continue following @Senbwl_official to remain eligible.
  2. Post Your Win: After receiving your T-shirt, post a photo of you wearing it on your Instagram.(Publish posts instead of limited-time stories)
    • Use the Hashtag: Include #senbwl in your post.
    • Tag Us: Tag @Senbwl_official in your photo.

Important Notes

  • Mandatory Posting: If you do not post a photo with the hashtag #senbwl and tag @Senbwl_official after receiving your prize, you will be blacklisted from all future giveaways.
  • Perpetual Disqualification: Non-compliance with the posting requirement will result in permanent disqualification from future Senbwl giveaways.

Good luck to everyone! We can't wait to see you rocking your new Senbwl gear. Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting Senbwl. Stay active, stay healthy, and stay stylish with Senbwl!

For any questions or more information, feel free to contact us at service@senbwl.com.