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Senbwl is Recruiting Brand Ambassadors!!!

Jun 25,2024 | Senbwl Sports

Senbwl Brand Ambassador Program Rules

Senbwl is excited to announce our search for brand ambassadors on Instagram! As a brand ambassador, you will represent Senbwl by showcasing our high-quality athletic wear to your followers. Here are the rules and guidelines for our brand ambassador program:

Program Overview

Each month, confirmed brand ambassadors will receive 1-2 Senbwl products for free. In return, we ask our ambassadors to create and share content featuring these products.

Content Requirements

For each product received, brand ambassadors must:

  1. Photos: Take 3-5 high-quality photos of the product being worn.
  2. Video: Create 1 engaging video showcasing the product.

Posting Guidelines

  1. Social Media Posts: Post the photos and video on your social media accounts, including Instagram. Ensure the content is clear, visually appealing, and highlights the features of the Senbwl products.
  2. Tags and Hashtags: Tag Senbwl's official Instagram account in your posts and use the designated hashtags provided by Senbwl.

Submission of Content

  1. Email Submission: Send the original, high-resolution files of the photos and video to our email at emma@senbwl.com.
  2. Deadline: Complete and submit all content within 7 days of receiving the products.

Compliance and Termination

  1. Timeliness: If you fail to meet the content submission deadline or do not comply with the guidelines, Senbwl reserves the right to terminate the partnership immediately.
  2. Future Collaboration: Failure to adhere to these rules will result in permanent disqualification from any future collaborations with Senbwl.

We look forward to collaborating with enthusiastic and creative individuals who are passionate about fitness and quality athletic wear. Join us in representing Senbwl and inspiring others to lead an active, healthy lifestyle!

For any questions or additional information, please contact us at emma@senbwl.com.

By following these guidelines, our brand ambassadors can effectively represent Senbwl and enjoy the perks of receiving our premium products. We are excited to work with talented individuals who share our commitment to quality and active living.